Bitcoin Motion Review 2022: Is the Site Legit?

Bitcoin Motion Review 2022: Is the Site Legit?

In this Bitcoin Motion Review you will understand what is the trading platform offers as a convenient way to start crypto trading. According to the Bitcoin Motion website, the app uses a dedicated algorithm that analyses the cryptocurrency market to pinpoint profitable opportunities and automate the trading process.

These days, many websites prey on people’s desire to make money from trading Bitcoin. They enchant customers with bold claims of 90% ROI and promises of quick profits. However, those companies turn out to be complete scams. The only people getting richer from their services are the owners of such websites or apps.

On the other hand, Bitcoin Motion doesn’t make any impressive claims. Instead, the company focuses on advertising its artificial intelligence tech (trading robots, algorithms, etc.) and its usefulness to the customer.

Many traders might be wondering if these statements are true and if Bitcoin Motion is legitimate. In this 2022 Bitcoin Motion review, we’ll find out if it is legit or a scam.

What Is Bitcoin Motion?

Bitcoin Motion is an AI-powered solution that enables people to trade cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin. The Bitcoin Motion app claims that it brings cutting-edge technology that scans for market news and price trends to deliver promising trading signals to its customers.

Nevertheless, Bitcoin Motion is not a broker itself. It plays an intermediary role, where it takes the trading goals of its customers and pairs each client with a trusted, regulated broker to help fulfil them.

How Does Bitcoin Motion Work?

The Bitcoin Motion developers claim they have used artificial intelligence to create a highly-efficient algorithm. According to the Bitcoin Motion website, this software significantly reduces the trading process’s time while also delivering optimal results.

In addition, Bitcoin Motion connects each customer with a free personal account manager. The latter helps by teaching, clarifying, and suggesting trading strategies, depending on each trader’s skill level, goals, and budget.

Is Bitcoin Motion Legitimate, or Is It a Scam?

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The team conducting this Bitcoin Motion review is happy to report that it did not find anything suspicious regarding this company. All services Bitcoin Motion offers on its website are legal and the information presented checks out.

Moreover, our team was able to try many of Bitcoin Motion’s services from a demo account without making a financial commitment. Demo trading is quite helpful in researching a new platform or broker, as it provides a safe simulation of what a live trading session is like.

We always consider it a pro when a company supports demo accounts because this shows it is confident in the quality of the services it provides.

Based on our experience, we can safely conclude that the Bitcoin Motion trading system is legitimate, not a scam. We deem the products and services offered by Bitcoin Motion safe.

Main Features

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With so many trading platforms available, it can be challenging to find the best one. What sets Bitcoin Motion apart from the competition? The company’s website highlights several Bitcoin Motion pros that might be attractive to crypto traders. Some of these key features include:

  • A specialised trading algorithm. Bitcoin Motion uses its own proprietary AI solutions to automate the trading process as much as possible. It saves its customers time and money. Clients have reported positive results on the trading system’s website, where everyone can post their own Bitcoin Motion review. Overall, they appear satisfied with the Bitcoin Motion trading software and other services.
  • User-friendly design. The company has taken great care to ensure the Bitcoin Motion software and its website are easy to use. We believe that even a beginner can quickly orient themselves and use Bitcoin Motion without issues.
  • Demo trading. We appreciated that the Bitcoin Motion platform offers demo accounts. Practice is essential to perfecting any skill. This demo trading mode is vital since beginners can learn to trade without risking any money. The Bitcoin Motion free demo account positively affected our review.
  • Straightforward payouts. The company doesn’t impose restrictions on the withdrawal of profit. It has ensured that its payouts are fast and reliable, granting customers quick access to their winnings. According to the Bitcoin Motion website, some clients have withdrawn as much as €1,500 in one day without issues. We did not encounter any hidden fees or incur suspicious charges during our test run.
  • Trading community managers. Bitcoin Motion offers personal account managers to assist traders. They work for established, regulated brokers and know how to navigate the financial markets. They can be indispensable, especially in the beginning.
  • Fast withdrawals. Bitcoin Motion claims that customers can send money back to their bank account anytime. The processing time for withdrawals is under 24 hours.
  • 24/7 support. Our Bitcoin Motion review team found that the company’s customer support was available around the clock and always gave informed, polite answers to our queries.

Opening a Bitcoin Motion Account

The Bitcoin Motion registration procedure is quite simple.

  1. Head over to the Bitcoin Motion website.
  2. Fill in the registration form on the homepage to open a trading account.
  3. Verify your account information. Someone from Bitcoin Motion contacted us almost immediately to double-check our account details.

Once your account is ready and verified, you need to make a deposit to begin trading. The Bitcoin Motion minimum deposit is €250. This sum is not a fee but funds that go directly towards the client’s account balance and can be used to place orders in the trading system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bitcoin Motion legit?

Based on our experience with the platform, our Bitcoin Motion review concluded that it is a legitimate service.

Is Bitcoin Motion AI-powered?

Yes. The platform uses artificial intelligence such as trading bots to help automate the live trading process. Automated trading is faster and more efficient.

Is Trading with Bitcoin Motion Fully Automated?

While a trading robot can handle most of the crypto trading process on its own, some input by the customer is still needed. For instance, setting up stop-loss or profit-taking levels, adjusting investment amounts, etc., is something traders have to set up for themselves.

Is Bitcoin Motion Suitable for Beginners?

It is. In our Bitcoin Motion review, we found that the platform was easy to use and navigate, making it beginner-friendly.

The Advantages of Trading Bitcoin and Other Crypto Assets

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The high volatility of digital currencies like Bitcoin presents traders with many profitable opportunities. Whether the crypto market moves up or down, buy and sell orders can be profitable trades. The most important thing is to use the right trading strategies and research your options well.

In addition, some people make money from simply holding Bitcoin investments. These include billionaires like Tesla CEO Elon Musk or the Winklevoss twins. Even astute investment managers like Cathie Wood, who is meticulous about her portfolio, have money in Bitcoin.

Nevertheless, we could not confirm if any of these people have used or endorsed Bitcoin Motion specifically.


This Bitcoin Motion review is for purely informational purposes. The statements made in this article do not constitute investment advice. Always consult a professional and do your own research before engaging in cryptocurrency trading or other types of investment.

All forms of financial trading (including leveraged trading and trading crypto assets) carry risks. Make sure you understand the risks involved. Financial experts recommend investing no more than you can afford to lose if the market trend suddenly changes.

Attention, UK residents! In accordance with PS20/10 by the Financial Conduct Authority, we do not support or promote crypto CFD trading, which is prohibited in the United Kingdom.