Cookie Policy


We and third parties acting on our behalf may use cookies to automatically collect additional Personal Information as you engage with our Services, which allows us to personalise your experience with our Services and properly manage content on our Service by advising us what content is effective.


Cookies are little text files that a website might employ to identify recurring visitors. When the user returns to the same page, the browser retrieves and sends such files to the server.

What Types of Cookies We Use

First-Party Cookies – When you access our Website, your browser stores first-party cookies. First-party cookies collect information that is used to compute pageviews, sessions, and user counts, among other things.

Third-Party Cookies – Third-party cookies are set by third parties to gather information from site users to research, for example, behaviour, demography, or purchasing patterns.

Persistent Cookies – Persistent cookies, often known as “permanent cookies,” continue to function when the web browser is closed.

Session Cookies – Session cookies, often known as “temporary cookies,” assist websites in recognising users and the information they supply as they surf a page.

Secure Cookies – These are commonly used on the checkout or payment pages of e-commerce websites to facilitate safer transactions.

How We Use Cookies 

We utilise cookies set by us and cookies placed by our affiliate partners and other service providers to identify you as The Big Short Movie user and collect information about your desktop or other devices used to reduce risks, assist in detecting fraud, and enhance security and trust.

How To Manage Cookies

Most browsers provide cookie settings that may be used to manage cookies. Limiting the Website’s capacity to create cookies, on the other hand, may decrease your overall user experience because it will no longer be tailored to your preferences. It may also prevent you from saving personalised settings such as login credentials.

Risk Disclaimer: Avoid installing apps or programs that have been recommended to you. Avoid installing programs from forceful advertisements or automated downloads if you did not actively seek them.