NFT Robots Review 2022: A Legit Platform or Scam?

NFT Robots Review 2022: A Legit Platform or Scam?

NFT Robots offers a robust trading platform suitable for many different types of traders. With tons of beginner-friendly features, we find that this service is an excellent introduction to the crypto markets and more. This NFT Robots review will highlight the platform’s core features and why we think it’s legit.

Rating: 4.3/5


  • Easy access to the financial markets — crypto, Forex, stocks, and more;
  • Fast registration and validation;
  • Free personal account managers;
  • Lots of beginner-friendly features available.


  • No stand-alone mobile app;
  • A minimum deposit of $250;
  • List of brokers not publicly available.

If that’s all you need to hear, you can skip ahead and try NFT Robots for yourself in three easy steps:

That’s all it takes — nothing is standing between you and a successful trading career now. Just pick a cryptocurrency (or another instrument) to trade, find a fitting strategy and get ready for an exciting journey through the markets!

“I see Bitcoin as ultimately becoming a reserve currency for banks, playing much the same role as gold did in the early days of banking. Banks could issue digital cash with greater anonymity and lighter weight, more efficient transactions.”

– Hal Finney

Why This Review Matters & Who It’s for

Our team routinely reviews cryptocurrency trading platforms. We aim to foster a safe, productive trading environment by spotlighting reliable companies and weeding out the scams that threaten to ruin everyone’s fun.

We maintain complete objectivity in all of our reviews. None of the companies we look at compensate us in any way.

This NFT Robots review is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve heard about the benefits of crypto trading and want to give it a go but don’t know what broker to choose;
  • You already have a broker but aren’t fully satisfied, or perhaps you’re curious to see what else is out there.

What Is NFT Robots?

NFT Robots claims it offers a reliable way to start trading cryptocurrencies by eliminating traders’ most common stress factor: choosing the right broker.

We wouldn’t shock anyone by saying that the crypto space is overcrowded with brokerages. While many of them are decent, and some might even be called outstanding, there is an alarmingly high number of scams around.

Thus, new traders often struggle to make a choice. Or worse, they fall for one of those scams and give up on trading altogether in their frustration.

It seems that NFT Robots has built its business model around that understanding. The company fulfils the role of a matchmaker, bringing traders and brokers together. But what makes working with NFT Robots special? How is it different from choosing a broker yourself?

Well, the company claims it has evaluated multiple brokers in advance. NFT Robots has selected only well-established brands popular with the trading community, with an impeccable track record and meeting all industry regulations. Essentially, it’s made a VIP list of the most trustworthy brokers around and uses it to make recommendations to its customers.

Robot hand holding NFT non fungible token on smartphone

You might be wondering which brokers these are. We’d hate to disappoint you, but NFT Robots actually keeps this information private, which is understandable. How would it stay in business if it revealed all of its trade secrets?

You will have to register to find out what broker NFT Robots thinks is right for you. That’s just how the platform works.

Also, despite what the company’s name suggests, it’s not good for NFTs only. It offers hundreds of cryptocurrencies for trading via its broker-partners, as well as other instruments such as stocks and futures. NFT Robots is actually a surprisingly well-rounded platform.

Moreover, the company also doesn’t have anything to do with trading robots. It doesn’t offer or make any automated trading software, so don’t let its name fool you.

How Does NFT Robots Work?

Wondering what the trading journey with NFT Robots looks like? It goes like this:

  • Registration

The user applies for an account by filling in the registration form on NFT Robots’ website.

  • Matching

On the backend, NFT Robots uses an algorithm to find the best broker for the user within its database. This process is automated and takes just a few moments.

  • Validation

A representative of the broker assigned to the user contacts them to finalise their registration.

The user also receives login details and instructions from the broker.

  • Activation

The client goes to the broker’s website or app to fund their account. The supported payment methods vary from broker to broker, but there is a minimum deposit requirement of $250.

  • Start!

The client can now use their live trading account to start trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, other cryptos, or different financial assets.

NFT Robots: In-Depth Review

It’s clear what NFT Robots wants to do for the crypto trading community. But how well-equipped is it to do it? What’s noteworthy about this platform to make you choose it over the competition?

To find the answers, our team did a deep dive and tested every corner of the NFT Robots platform. We are now ready to share our findings with you. Hopefully, our conclusions can help you determine whether this service meets your needs. Let’s get started!

Safety Concerns

First and foremost, traders would want to know if they can trust NFT Robots. With so many scams around, it’s normal to have some doubts.

We are here to put those to rest: NFT Robots is a legitimate company. The platform is nothing more than a marketing tool to refer traders to different brokers, and it performs this function well. Our team did not find any issues with the information on the NFT Robots website, nor any user complaints.

Thus, we believe NFT Robots is a trustworthy company.

Beginners Are Welcome

If you’re already an experienced trader, you can likely adapt to any platform quickly. Meanwhile, beginners usually require lots of help because the crypto market can be quite overwhelming at first glance.

NFT Robots clearly understands this disparity very well. Thus, the platform has ensured that its services are easy to use.

User-friendly UI

First, there’s the simple design of the NFT Robots website. Clients just need to fill in the registration form to be referred to a broker, which is as simple as possible. The website also contains additional info about the market for the curious, but nothing too advanced or complicated.

Demo Trading Features

The most essential tool newbies can take advantage of are demo accounts. In demo trading mode, the user can see and use the broker’s trading platform as if it’s the real thing. It looks and feels real, which provides an accurate simulation of a live trading session. In this way, traders can test various strategies and get familiar with the software without risking any real money.

24/7 Customer Support

And for all other user concerns, there is ample support provided. Now, we need to clarify that the customer support for traders actually comes from the broker, not NFT Robots directly. In our opinion, this is a good thing. Broker representatives are more prepared to answer your questions and can help resolve issues related to trading and your overall account setup.

Moreover, a free personal account manager will contact the user upon registration. This person will confirm your account, but they can also answer any preliminary questions you might have about trading with NFT Robots.

Advanced Features for Pro Traders

Experienced crypto traders will be happy to learn that NFT Robots’ partners are open to using automated trading tools. That’s right — if you have a favourite trading robot, you’re welcome to use it, as long as it’s compatible with the broker’s platform.

Cryptocurrency transactions via mobile phone

As previously mentioned, NFT Robots doesn’t develop any trading bots itself. Nevertheless, its broker partners have a selection of AI and other software you can employ to perfect your trading strategy. Just ensure you don’t lose sight of the risks associated with automated trading platforms and proceed cautiously.

Investment Options

The offering of trading instruments is a critical factor for most traders. Indeed, while Bitcoin and Ethereum have the largest market cap of all cryptocurrencies and remain the most widely traded coins, you wouldn’t want to be restricted to just two assets.

To keep risks to a minimum and diversify properly, traders need access to many different instruments. That way, even if one asset fails to perform as you hoped it would, other aspects of your portfolio won’t suffer.

NFT Robots claims that its partner brokers offer many instruments you can invest in. They support hundreds of cryptocurrencies but also different asset classes too. For example, you can invest in company stocks, indices, Forex currency pairs, and more.

In general, it’s better to spread your investments to assets that are not affected by the same factors. So, having this much choice is great news for traders.

Costs and Fees

One aspect of NFT Robots we greatly appreciated was how affordable the service is. In fact, registration is completely free.

We were a bit surprised at first. We have seen similar broker referral platforms before, and in our experience, they usually charge a fee for their mediation services. But this doesn’t appear to be the case with NFT Robots.

Registering on its website and getting paired with a broker didn’t cost our team anything. The only money you have to ‘spend’ is depositing the funds you plan to trade with — but that’s a given, whatever broker you use.

For the brokers NFT Robots works with, there is a minimum deposit requirement of $250. While that’s nothing to sneeze at, it’s considerably lower than the competition.

All in all, NFT Robots is quite accessible, in our opinion. A significant plus is that anyone can sign up for free and decide for themselves if they like the platform before spending any money.

NFT Robots | Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything else you wish to know about NFT Robots? We’ve covered some of the questions people often ask about this company below.

Is NFT Robots Legitimate?

Yes, NFT Robots is a reliable company you can use to meet a cryptocurrency broker. It is not under any special regulations. Moreover, its services are free for traders, so anyone can give them a go without financial risks.

How Much Does NFT Robots Cost?

It doesn’t cost anything. Registration for NFT Robots is free, as is finding a broker. Be mindful that if you decide to trade with the company NFT Robots recommends, you will have to deposit $250 or more to start trading.

Is NFT Robots an Automated Trading Platform?

Despite its name, NFT Robots isn’t an auto trading platform. For trading robots and such, turn to the broker it recommends. However, if you are a beginner, we recommend avoiding using trading bots as they might be a bit challenging to set up.

Is NFT Really Profitable?

NFT non fungible token with Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies

NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) are among the hottest tools within the crypto sphere. They allow content creators and their fan bases to transact directly and are quickly building a reputation as valuable collectibles. However, not all NFTs are created equal. Some lose their value with each resale instead of the other way around. So, while they may be a new store of value, in some cases, they might also flop. We urge you to research any asset you want to invest in thoroughly in advance.

Before You Start: Advice for Newcomers

The potential of the cryptocurrency market is wild. When you consider how most crypto coins, including Bitcoin, started as essentially worthless and compare that to their 2021 all-time highs (BTC almost reached $70,000!), it’s easy to see that no other asset class is so flexible and promising.

But before you start investing, consider if crypto is the right choice for you. Yes, digital coins can present incredible opportunities sometimes. But more often than not, they pose too many risks. The crypto market is unbelievably volatile. It can expose you to massive losses if you’re not careful.

So, before spending any money, consider your budget and risk tolerance. Invest only sums that you’re prepared to lose. And if you’re not mentally prepared for potential losses, perhaps consider other forms of generating income. Trading might not be suitable for everyone.

In addition, make sure you check the laws regarding cryptocurrency trading in your country. In some places, these activities are restricted. For instance, the FCA prohibits crypto CFD trading in the United Kingdom via PS 20/10. There might be similar limitations in your country.

Final Thoughts

If you’re specifically looking for an NFT trading platform, NFT Robots may not be your first choice, but that doesn’t mean it’s without its merits. This company can introduce you to a reliable, regulated brokerage quickly — and for free. It gives you access to some of the world’s best brokers, with thousands of assets to potentially invest in.

In addition to its low cost, NFT Robots also shines with a whole kit of services aimed at beginners, ensuring that even a complete novice can have a flying start in crypto trading.